Seven Seals

I can’t believe it! The time has finally come for James Pants to unleash another album into this world! The one man band brings a blend of “80’s Soul, Electro Boogie, Early Rap, New Wave, & Post-Punk Disco” in a way no one can touch. For most people, his music might come off as a little off-the-wall, but listen to a song like “Ka$h” or “Crystal Lite” and you can’t help getting up to shake your groove thang! His debut album, Welcome, was a great introduction to his production and vocal styles, but expect something a little more sinister on his upcoming release Seven Seals. It was said that inspiration came from reading mystical books and books on Revelations, which lead him to wanting to start a cult…..and Seven Seals would be the soundtrack. Don’t get freaked out, he is not the next Jim Jones or anything, but you know if he did start a cult it would be the biggest dance party ever! Anyways, definitely check this guy out. His music will instantly put you in a better mood.

Seven Seals will be released December 8 on Stones Throw Records. Can’t wait!