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The Foreign Exchange

Imagine this. One day, you’re cruising through your favorite hip-hop community website and you come across this jazzy, funky, dreamy track by some dude from the Netherlands. You say “hey, this is dope. I think Im going to rap over it.” You send your track back to this guy, and over the course of one year you produce an entire, critically-acclaimed hip-hop album…without ever meeting each other! Welcome to The Foreign Exchange.

Made up of Phonte from Little Brother and producer Nicolay, The Foreign Exchange is one of the very few groups that manages to bring together hip-hop, jazz, r&b, blues, and downtempo electronic in a way that is nothing short of sublime. Their debut album, Connected, was produced entirely from exchanging tracks over the internet and has much more of a hip-hop influence. Standout tracks include¬†“Nic’s Groove”, “Come Around”, and “The Answer”.¬†Leave it all Behind, their most recent release, is much jazzier showcasing Phonte’s diverse vocal ability with tracks like “Take Off the Blues”, “House of Cards”, and “Sweeter Than You”. I highly recommend this group for anybody looking for some laid-back hip-hop to chill out to.

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