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Andrew Zuckerman is by far one of my favorite photographers. He able able to capture so much beauty and depth with seemingly so little effort. A simple white background helps keep the focus on his subjects and it has never seemed so powerful. He has photographed the likes of Nelson Mandela, Clint Eastwood, Jane Goodall, and Willie Nelson for his book titled Wisdom and in Creature he captures fantastic images of wild animals in a way that truly brings out the beauty in nature. His most recent book, Bird, is a stunning example of his ability to capture form and color in something spontaneous and natural, which really gives depth to something you might otherwise overlook. Check out his website for more samples of his work.


I came across Josh Keyes’ work in a magazine (I wish I could remember what it was called) about a year ago, and since fallen in love. His paintings and drawings depict a sort of beautiful post-apocalyptic dream world where the animals are taking back what’s theirs among the debris of human existence. Basically, I think they look pretty sweet and wanted to give you a little taste.


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